Saturday, April 12, 2008

Dark Lotus: The Opaque Brotherhood

The shit that every Juggalo has been waiting for, the long awaited album from that fearsome five, Dark mother fuckin Lotus. This shit is darker than dark, but if anyone asks you didn't get this shit from me. MCL.

2008 - The Opaque Brotherhood

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Professionally filmed on the UK tour at the Hammersmith Odeon in June 1978, Never Say Die is an amazing DVD. It really captures the amazing time right before Ozzy left (er... was kicked out of) Black Sabbath. The sound and picture might not be perfect, but it's still pretty damn good. I still give it 10/10 stabs to the head. Pretty weird, The DVD is titled Never Say Die this show is from the Never Say Die tour and yet there is only one song from the album... Never Say Die.

1. Symptom of the Universe
2. War Pigs
3. Snow Blind
4. Never Say Die
5. Black Sabbath
6. Dirty Women
7. Rock And Roll Doctor
8. Electric Funeral
9. Children of the Grave
10. Paranoid
Password : wegom


The Crown was a death/thrash metal band from Trollhättan, Sweden. Originally, they used the name Crown of Thorns but were forced to change their name due to another band already using that name. Their music and lyrics were inspired by death, antireligious themes (mostly targeting Christianity) and rebellion. The Crown disbanded in 2004. My favorite track: Under The Whip. Metal.
2000 - Deathrace King Part 1 Part 2

2002 - Crowned in Terror Part 1 Part 2

Monday, April 7, 2008

Dear Blogger,

Alright, blogger is still as fucking lame as I remember it being. Programmed by half-assed assholes with nothing to do and they still can't manage to make thing simpler. So this is for all you sorry suckers that work to make this blogger shit great and still fall short of the glory you will probably never attain, simply because your ignorance and blatant stupidity is holding you back. Fuck you, you bunch of monkeys pounding on keyboards for a living and sucking horribly at life. *For the record: I had to go back in and edit this again because of Bloggers stupid shit, I hope all of you working for Blogger fucking choke.*


Mastodon is the shit, I just recently got into these guys and they are fuckin heavy man. So do yourself a solid and just get this shit already. Oh, and blogger is still fucking gay by the way... so this might be the last post.

Hello motherfuckers, you remember me right, your old pal Rabu. No? Well... you're a cunt. Anyway, Blogger was being fucking stupid and pissing me off so I figured I would just stop posting shit because I was one fucked up, gay as fuck post away from smashing my computer and I figured it's not right to punish my computer because of bloggers incompetence. But fuck it, I'm back, and if it doesn't work this time then I will be deleting this blog and will find one that will serve as a righteous post to continue my fun times. By the way, "cute girl has orgasm on web camera" anyone affiliated or associated with this stupid fucking cunt bag piece of hairy, faggoty, slimy shit can eat dick and die immediately. Miss me?