Thursday, October 18, 2007


That's right, I know you've all probably been waiting anxiously by your little keyboards like a poor puppy right? But all is right with the world because I have made my humble return, and starting now, there are going to be a few changes, and if you don't like it, you have that little 'X' in the top, right hand corner for a reason. Some of you might be wondering just where I've been, well, about a month ago I was at work and felt an immense pain in my stomach, kind of like a was getting hit over and over again with a sledgehammer, so after a trip to the emergency room they informed me that my intestines ruptured and they had to go in and put me back together, and then after the first surgery they had to go back in because the wound from the first surgery was badly infected (Now I'm not bitter, but I will say that the people at the Hospital weren't as smart or reliable as one might hope). So after 3 weeks in the Hospital and almost 2 weeks at home I decided to post some new stuff. What am I going to be posting you might ask? How about some classic music videos, you game? Alright, well here they are, in all their old school glory, four classic cuts sure to bring a smile to your face, great stuff. This is the dawn of a new age for the Boneyard. Enjoy.

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