Thursday, July 26, 2007

"And you will face a Sea of Darkness, and all therein that may be explored..."

I know I've been slacking when it comes to posting music lately so I thought I'd make a gesture in the right direction. So for all you crazy metal motherfuckers get ready to get your head blown off and than be resurrected because I'm bringing you the Necrophagia Discography!!! *THUNDER CRACKS* Somewhere in Ohio a priest committed suicide in a Church cemetery, unleashing the living dead upon the world. In the wake of the undead flesh-eaters came Necrophagia!!! Featuring Killjoy on vocals, Undead Torment on guitars, Iscariah on Bass, Fug on Guitar, Mirai Kawashima on Keyboards and Titta Tani on Drums, these guys take Death/Grind/Black Metal to the fucking extreme! You may also know a former member of this band from another band called "Pantera", I think his name was Phil or something... So go fucking crazy with these! And look out for there new album coming in Fall of '07!

So enjoy motherfuckers, a thanks would be appreciated, this was a bitch to put together. And remember to buy...


Metal Scribe said...

Great disco here! And many thanks for putting it up!

Double-Bass Crush!

Gore Fan said...



One of the links is missing, the one from Black Blood Vomitorium... but thanks anyway for the otherss