Thursday, July 5, 2007


The Fourth Of July... it means alot of things to alot of people. For some it's an excuse to hang out, eat and get drunk (good call). Nothing's better than hanging out with friends and family over a couple of burgers and drinks, listening to good tunes and slowly but surely getting drunk before watching fire works and blowing shit up... 231 years ago it was a different story. On July 4, 1776 thirteen colonies fought for their right to be independent from the Kingdom of Great Britain. We thought that it's only right that as an independent country we be free to make our own decisions and NOT be ruled or persuaded by another country. 231 years later... look at where we are... it's fuckin bullshit. Now we are invading other countries... sticking our nose where it doesn't fuckin belong... which is exactly what we were trying to get away from. This day makes me sick as I fuckin see what's going on, and anybody that sees freedom as something that is not a privilege, but a right that we are given at birth, well... it should upset your stomach just a little bit too. To be free and make decisions that we believe in, and other people in other countries are entitled to those same ideas. So on this fourth of July I say this, I cannot wait until George W. Bush is out of office, you may be President but you're NOT my fuckin president. Maybe when you are finally removed from your position this country can regain some order and dignity.

My message to the rest of the world: Not all Americans are assholes, just the people in charge.

To my fellow patriots: A government can jail people, deny them votes and power, but when a million people no longer believe in that government, it will tremble. A house divided cannot stand.

If the American people stop believing in this administration, it WILL fail.
Now I am not saying "let's overthrow the Government and watch it burn!"
No, what I'm saying is "WAKE THE FUCK UP" look at where we are, we are the bully of the world, the one that pushes other countries around and expects them to fall in line... wake up and realize how sad the state of things are... wake up...

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Thomas said...

I agree with your comment that if a sufficient number of people resist, the government would be compelled to respond.