Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Lord Crumb and his Army of Aliens have landed on Earth. Already a small town has been hacked and packed in boxes, ready to become the latest taste sensation to hit the Galaxy... Earth's Government Issues a full scale alert and unleashes their first line of defence "The Boys": Derek, Frank, Oz and Barry, also known as the "Alien Investigation Defense Service" or A.I.D.S. A bunch of would-be Rambos who take on the aliens with axes, rocket launchers, and chainsaws. Will Lord Crumb succeed in turning the human race into "CRUMBS COUNTRY DELIGHTS"? Or will the boys be able to stop him? Another great, obscure splatter film that will make you laugh your ass off while seeing some of the best gore to ever come out of an independent movie that was filmed over a couple of weekends by a group of friends from New Zealand. I'd say the biggest surprise of this movie is that it was directed and produced by Peter Jackson and if you don't know who he is, well, than you're a dumbass. But what else can I say, Enjoyable movie, lots of slap-stick gore and other gags that should keep anyone with an attention span entertained, let alone a die hard horror fan. So check this out if you can cause it is a bitch to get ahold of, but it's worth it. I'd give this movie 3 3/4 stabs to the fuckin dome!

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