Monday, November 12, 2007

Melodic Metal!

I'm sure you've heard of Melodic Death Metal, well... this is apparently the BEST of Melodic Death Metal, so... there's that. There are some great bands on here and some I've never fuckin' heard of, I just grabbed this so I haven't even had a chance to fully check it out yet, so you grab it, give it a listen. Or don't, I don't really care what you motherfuckers do.

The Best of... Melodic Death Metal I

01. Darkane - Chaos Vs Order
02. Chronicle Of Tyrants - Nemesis
03. Blinded Colony - In Here
04. Burden Of Grief - Engaged With Destiny
05. Dimension Zero - Immaculate
06. Gardenian - Tell The World I'm Sorry
07. Nightrage - Elusive Emotion
08. Saturnus - Murky Waters
09. Withering Surface - Breed What You Kill
10. Arch Enemy - We Will Rise
11. Disarmonia Mundi - Guilty Claims
12. In Flames - Only For The Weak
13. Casketgarden - Song Of Tears (Ashes)
14. Fall Of Serenity - Demon - (Mon)archy
15. Lords Of Decadence - Apocalypse
16. Passenger - Circles
17. Terror 2000 - Elimination Complete

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