Wednesday, November 7, 2007

"Not all Cops are pigs... Some of them are Dicks!!"

I don't have to say shit, check this out. The band is fuckin named GWAR, and this is their newest album, Beyond Hell. This is taken from Beyond Hell concerns GWAR’s epic journey into the tunnels and caverns that honeycomb your world, a journey not only to escape their earthly prison “from within”, but also to find and confront this so-called “Satan”, who seems to think that he is a bigger bad ass than Oderus. Along the way GWAR encounter’s a bevy of demonic dickheads and hapless victims, all ready to die for your entertainment because they're all a bunch of assholes. So there's that, if you don't want to check it out after reading that than you're a dildo (and not in the good way, in the BAD way, the horribly wrong way...). Plus this album contains a bad ass cover of Alice Cooper's School's Out, check out the video below.

2006 - Beyond Hell

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