Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Colton Grundy, The Undying

It's like 13 days until Blaze Ya Dead Homies' new CD comes out, Clockwork Grey, and the sampler that you can download right fuckin here is fresh as fuck. So with that in mind I decided to hook you motherfuckers up with his last album, Colton Grundy. Colton Grundy for me is where Blaze really shined, his first two CD's are the shit, but this is my favorite Blaze shit. It's fuckin crazy! If you've never listened to Blaze Ya Dead Homie before than you need to get this shit right now! Seriously, I'm stone-cold serious right now, as serious as a motherfuckin heart attack, that shit's fuckin serious! So get it and get Clockwork Grey on the 21st of this month. MCL.
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