Wednesday, August 8, 2007


So this weeks W.O.T.W is a personal favorite of mine, and has been for a very long time, you could probably say he IS my favorite wrestler. I'm talking about the Homicidal, Genocidal, SUICIDAL SABU!!! This dude is a monster, stopping at nothing to win a match and putting everything on the line (including his own body and well being) to win a match. Every match is a War. I remember the very first time I watched a SABU match, it was the infamous "Stairway To Hell" ladder match against the SANDMAN. It was a very violent and captivating match, but one that engraved in me the impression that SABU can simply not be stopped, after a move that went FUBAR, SABU hit his jaw on the metal security rail, breaking it. He simply grabbed some athletic tape and wrapped it around his head (Im guessing to keep his jaw from flopping around) and continued the fuckin match! WHAT?! A FUCKIN BROKEN JAW AND THE DUDE KEEPS GOING! I was a fan ever since. He is the only dude I know who could receive a gash in his bicep (during another legendary barbed wire match with TERRY FUNK) and again, grab some tape to keep it shut until the match was over (a wound that would require more than 100 stitches... which he received from a foot doctor by the way). During most of his years he never talked, he never cut a promo or said anything, which just added to that insane mystique that Sabu had about him, some say he was the one that brought tables to hardcore wrestling. No matter what happened, he just kept going... and he's still going (even though the assholes over at the WWE thought it would be cool to release him, fuckin cunts). He is a legend in the states, he is a legend worldwide, he is SABU! I had the honor of meeting SABU at the Gathering Of The Juggalos 2005 and he was cool as hell. There has never been another Sabu, and there never will be. So here's to you SABU! You are the shit! You are my favorite wrestler and YOU are the WRESTLER OF THE WEEK!

-This is that first match I saw, between Sabu and The Sandman. Just watch and see why I admire and look up to Sabu.

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