Thursday, August 9, 2007

WINDIR - 1184

I stumbled upon Windir awhile back, and this was when I was really getting into Black Metal. Windir was my introduction to Viking Metal or Folk Metal. It's an interesting genre, It's like if metal existed in 1184. Black Metal with mythology based Vocals and with the rhythm belonging to that of a ancient Norwegian folk song... bizarre, and completely fucking badass. As is often the case in black metal bands it was the project of one man, Terje "Valfar" Bakken. The band broke up when Valfar died of hypothermia amidst the hills of Sogndal on January 14, 2004. Many of Windir's lyrics are written in the archaic local dialect Sognamål, of Sogn, Norway (In the early Viking Age Sogn was a petty kingdom). See, where else can you get a great metal album and a history lesson? This album may very well change any negative thoughts you may have against Black Metal (if you have an open mind).

DOWNLOAD HERE [RS] or HERE [MU] and remember to buy.

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