Saturday, August 18, 2007


As most of you might know, I am really into Black and Viking metal. I mean, it's good to hear metal that has more to it than just some stupid fuckin douche bags randomly playing the same music over and over, growling and whatever the fuck else they do. It has substance. So as usual I was killing time and looking for some more kickass Viking metal when I stumbled across these guys and was very impressed. They are called Finsterforst and they make some of the coolest Viking/Black/Pagan Metal that I've heard very a long time. You can tell that these guys are very talented musicians and love to play this shit because there is a lot more to it than some of the other Viking metal bands that I've heard recently, and I am really impressed considering this is their debut album. For those of you that dug the Wirdir post, this shit is definitely right up your fuckin alley. So stop wasting time, download this motherfucker right now and turn it the whole way fuckin up! Now, if you'll excuse me, I think I'm going to throw my piece of fuckin shit computer against the fuckin wall into a thousand fuckin pieces! (it's been one of those motherfuckin days, you understand)
FINSTERFORST - WELTENKRAFT and remember to buy

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