Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Trailer Park Boys

If any of you fuckronauts out there havent seen or heard of the Trailer Park Boys then you are fucked. TPB is one of the funniest (if not THE funniest) shows that I have ever seen in my life. Ricky (who never made it past grade 10) and Julian (who is never seen without a drink) are ex-cons who just wanna make some money without things getting fucked and them ending up back in jail, but Mr. Lahey (the drunk, ex-cop trailer park supervisor) and his assistant Randy (the shirtless, cheese burger eating, ex-male prostitute) are always trying to fuck everything up. So with help from their friend Bubbles (who lives in a shed, takes care of a shit load of kitties and collects shopping carts for extra cash), Ricky and Julian are always trying to stay ahead of Lahey and Randy and the cops so they can do that last one big job so they can finally retire from crime. If that hasn't sold you on the show then... I don't know what to fuckin tell you.

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