Thursday, August 9, 2007


Cradle of Filth was basically dropped into my lap during high school. An old friend of mine used to get free promotional CD's that would feature random songs from seemingly random CD's. For example, a CD would feature a song by NIN, and then maybe Kittie, just random. So whenever he'd pick them up he would always grab me one, so I was just listening to one and Suddenly this song came on, and it was fuckin crazy, and until that point, I've never really heard anything quite like it. That song was "Cthulhu Dawn" and ever since I've been hooked on C.O.F. They are hard as fuckin hell. Midian is loosely based on a book called Cabal by Clive Barker, in which a young man named Boone is suffering from an unspecified mental illness. Although this is not serious enough to institutionalize him, he is nonetheless seeing a psychiatrist named Decker. To his horror, Boone is informed by Decker during one session that he, Boone, is responsible for the brutal mutilation murders of eleven people that have terrorized the city recently. Boone is informed that he does not recall these horrors because his mind has blanked them out of his consciousness. Before he loses all hope, Boone begins to believe salvation may lie in a place called Midian, a semi-mythical city that offers sanctuary to monsters — both the human kind and otherwise. He hurriedly sets off to seek Midian without realizing the full truth of the insidious events that lead him to such a decision. So with all that in mind, I think you owe it to yourself to not only check out this amazing album from Cradle of Filth but also go to your nearest book store and pick yourself up a copy of Clive Barkers' Cabal.

CRADLE OF FILTH - MIDIAN DOWNLOAD and remember to buy.

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