Wednesday, August 1, 2007


When thinking of who could possibly be this weeks WRESTLER OF THE WEEK, it didn't take long for the next W.O.T.W to pop into my head. A DVD I ordered awhile back finally came, The legendary King Of The Deathmatch Tournament, Japan, 1995. After watching in awe (I haven't seen it for years) the choice was obvious. CACTUS JACK! You are the WRESTLER OF THE WEEK!! Some might be wondering why I didn't just say Mick Foley to cover all bases, but I think CACTUS JACK did a lot of things that MANKIND never did, and the same is to be said about MANKIND, hell, even DUDE LOVE had his moments, but right now I want to focus on CACTUS JACK. Was he a glutton for punishment? Maybe, he certainly has had some of the most memorable matches I have ever seen and holy shit could he work the mic. I really don't like the term "spot wrestler" or to say that they seem to lack general wrestling ability, they can just take obscene damage and dish out the same, CACTUS JACK was different. He made you feel something, he could make you laugh your ass off and then make you madder than hell and he was a pretty good wrestler as well. He is a HARDCORE LEGEND! You knew that when you watched a CACTUS JACK match that you weren't going to be disappointed. I genuinely put a lot of thought into this, wrestling has always been something I've been into, and people give it shit, but they can kiss my ass. It's either in you or it's not, you either love and respect it or you don't. CACTUS JACK had love for the business and for the fans that most other wrestlers did not, and still don't. He cared about putting on a great show and in the end he always made sure that the fans knew that he appreciated them just as much. So this is for you, CACTUS JACK! YOU ARE THE WRESTLER OF THE WEEK, YOU HARDCORE SON OF A BITCH! (and I mean that in the best of ways, Thank You).

-So here is the legendary match Between Cactus Jack and Terry Funk to determine the "King of the Deathmatch" from the '95 Tournament, this match is a barbed wire/explosion match!

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