Wednesday, August 22, 2007


I like to keep you motherfuckers guessin. What's he gonna post next? Is it gonna be some crazy metal? Some new Juggalo shit? Some old Juggalo shit? KISS?! Well this next bitch I'm putting up for your viewing and listening pleasure is the new album from the PSYCHOPATHIC RYDAS! So you know you better strap on the Teflon because the name of this new and gangster as fuck album is DUK DA FUK DOWN. Who are the Rydas you might be askin' yo self? They are six ruthless street thugs that jack beats from other motherfuckers and preach about muggin', jackin', hustlin', robbin', shootin', rollin' and smokin' the sweet leaf. This isn't your normal rap album, it's hard as fuck. So you motherfuckers better get this shit before the Rydas find out I'm putting the shit up, they're the kind of motherfuckers who'll cap someone for looking at them wrong let alone posting their shit. MCL.
- here's some extra freshness, the video the the single off the album:

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